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For High School Students:


Many Schools in Punjab are teaching French and German as Foreign Language you’re having trouble in a French class or German Class, we’ve got you covered. Our award-winning, cutting-edge teaching staff of native speakers will not only be there to help you pull up your grades, but we’ll do it in a friendly and personalized environment tailored to your study habits. We’ve seen positive results in every student’s case we took in, and we’re not ready to stop.


For Prospective Study Abroad Students:


Learn French for France or Canada. Learn German for admission in German University. Anxious about getting into that one school you’ve always dreamed of? Trying to get as many university opportunities as possible. Aiming for a French scholarship or any academic scholarship in general to make college more affordable? If these match your situation, then we can help you with that! We have qualified instructors to prepare you for the French, DELF/DALF and any other tests a student has approaching or in the long term. It’s never too early to start!

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For Professionals:


We also have services for French Exam preparation for Professional. If you’re hoping to demonstrate your fluency to work in Canada, we have teachers to help you qualify on the TEF tests. If you want to work in France, Switzerland, Haiti, the United States, the Netherlands, or literally anywhere else under the sun with French speakers, we provide custom training specifically for that country’s requirements. We provide language competency test prep, as well as preparation for specific topics, such as business, sports, music and arts, or law. We don’t just want you to pass a test. We want you to thrive with your own experiences abroad and tell us about your success.


For Everyone:


Regardless of what your goal is, we don’t just prep you for a test. We want to ensure that you get where you want to go. Before, during, or after the test, we are available to help you find affordable lodging, education, travel costs, and destinations for the modern age for you.


We tailor each students’ lessons to their needs, to the point where we will work with your syllabus and textbooks directly to make sure that we are ahead of the game when it comes to your success on any measurement you see fit. All Test Prep can be taught at our locations in Manhattan, New Jersey, and Long Island or via Skype, and we provide digital notes for you to access round the clock, even at the off hours of the night during crunch time.

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