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Our Spanish Classes

Spanish course at abroad study campus make you able to speak, write, listen and read in Spanish. We provide coaching of Spanish A1 to B1 level. ¬†Our trained faculty would teach general Spanish/ business Spanish/ Tourism Spanish at the institution’s premises. Do you want to work in Spanish speaking country? We will provide interaction based classes so that you can speak Spanish in your daily routine. Learning Spanish at Abroad Study Campus is full of fun. Spanish is very easy if you are learning it in right way. We will teach Spanish syntax and pronunciation. You will get study material to practice at home.

Spanish DELE A1 and A2 exam preparation.

Spanish course for travels.

Spanish course for workers

Business Spanish course

Our Italian Classes

Italian is sweet and musical language. Students enjoy our Italian courses which teach you Italian in very easy and fun way. Learn Italian if you are planning to travel or live Italy. The right place to come and learn Italian in an Italian atmosphere! You can take advantage of the many resources offered by the Institute which include: A dynamic and culturally stimulating environment. We have variety of courses ranging from beginners to advanced level. We have professionally qualified teachers who have First-hand experience of aspects of the Italian culture.

Basic Italian classes A1

Italian A2 classes

Business Italian classes